ARVAC Program Operations Update

April 8, 2020: Update regarding ARVAC Program Operations.

Head Start Programs Operations

All ARVAC Head Start and Early Head Start Centers will be closed to the public until the end of the school year, per the Governor's mandate. AMI (alternative method of instruction) instruction education packets will continue to be utilized in the home. Family Advocates, COCs, and CDELs will continue to make regular contact with families.

Teachers are utilizing Google Classrooms daily. Family Services should be assessing families’ needs to ensure families have food, water, diapers, and supplies necessary during the closure. Teachers are providing story book readings on Facebook. This return date may change per the governor's recommendations as the state monitors the COVID-19 crisis.

Community Programs

Our Corporate Headquarters Office, Community Programs Complex, and County Outreach Offices will remain in operation but closed to the public. Offices are closed and locked to the public. Program participants are completing applications and necessary paperwork by mail, fax, phone, and/or email. For LiHEAP, all offices are taking applications over the phone, fax, email or under the door/in a drop box.

Food Bank

The Food Bank will remain in operation, but closed to the public, meaning no visitors. At this time, our food distributions will continue as a drive-through distributions only. Please note that clients are not to get out of their vehicles and staff should wear gloves and protective wear during distributions. Staff have sent instructions for drivers and participants prior to the distribution. Applications are being accepted through a drop off box.

Freedom House

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 concerns, ARVAC management has initiated Phase II of the Emergency Response Plan effective March 30, 2020. Phase II initiated operations as a Shelter Operation Facility Unit and all clinical, residential, and transitional housing services were suspended until further notice. Only current homeless participants of the program are remaining on campus. All other clients were medically discharged effective March 27, 2020.

For Shelter Operations, basic-level meals are provided for Sober Living and Residential units. Sober living is provided “to-go” trays and the dining area will be closed to SL. Basic-level activities are provided to ensure care coordination (remote adult education classes, resume building, job search, etc.); however, counseling sessions will not be provided. All sober living clients are to abide by a strict campus curfew—clients are only to go to work and home.

Corporate Headquarters Office

The Corporate Headquarters Office will remain in operation, but closed to the public. Corporate staff are working remotely to complete daily tasks and duties of the agency.


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