Since its inception in 1965, the Arkansas River Valley Area Council (ARVAC), Inc. has been dedicated to building a diverse portfolio of services to meet the needs of low-income families in the region. We serve a nine-county area in the Arkansas River Valley, including Conway, Franklin, Johnson, Logan, Scott, Perry, Polk, Pope, and Yell counties.

Established as part of President Johnson’s War on Poverty to eliminate the pervasive indigence existent in Central Arkansas, particularly within the counties that we serve, ARVAC’s programs have consistently been shaped around providing residents access to resources that increase self-sufficiency and provide opportunities to move into the middle class.

Mission Statement

ARVAC, Inc. promotes self-sufficiency and provides pathways out of poverty for individuals, families, and communities.


ARVAC is committed to providing thoughtfully designed services to children and families. Our approach is proven to demonstrate several pathways out of poverty through high-quality, comprehensive programming. Our vision for education, health, and additional services is that the individuals, families, and communities who partner with us will be fully prepared economically succeed.


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