ARVAC Community Program Success Stories

Low-income elderly individuals spend most of their household income on utilities, medicine, fuel costs and trips to the doctor’s office. Too often, low-income households will have to choose between buying their medicine and paying a utility bill. ARVAC's assistance programs have been helping the community since 1965. Below are some success stories from our Johnson and Scott County locations.

The Rogers Family

Mr. and Mrs. Rogers came in inquiring about the services of ARVAC after a friend suggested us to them. They have had their two teenage grandchildren living with them for several months and the extra expense was starting to put a strain on their budget. They were worried about the electric bill and after qualifying them for the LiHeap assistance, our Johnson County Family Support Advocate explained the CFSP and TEFAP commodity programs to them.

They were thrilled to know they qualified and gladly accepted the programs. Being able to feed their grandkids a nutritious meal-- from breakfast to supper-- has given them such pleasure. Knowing that the children are now a permanent part of their home, the fact that ARVAC can help out in these areas has brought smiles to their faces.


Roy is an 83-year-old man who lives in Waldron and recently moved from his home in to an apartment for seniors. He lives on a Social Security benefit of $793 a month, and, like many elderly individiuals, often struggles with being able to pay his monthly bills and still have money left over for emergencies. Roy’s fixed income means that he can’t always purchase healthy, nutritious foods or other needed items.

When Roy contacted his local ARVAC office seeking assistance with food, our Scott County Family Support Advocate, Leann Bartlett, referred him to the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) which provides monthly food assistance for seniors. He also applied for quarterly food assistance through The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP).

With the assistance Roy received from ARVAC, he was able to get some healthy foods, including peanut butter, which he remembers having as a child but hadn’t been able to purchase for forty or fifty years. Roy is so grateful for the assistance he’s gotten through ARVAC’s community programs and is now able to live a healthier lifestyle.

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