Bob Adkison/ARVAC Addictions Research Scholarship

scholarshipThe above named scholarship has been established through the ATU Foundation by the Behavioral Sciences Department. This non-endowed fund has been established for the purpose of providing scholarships for students attending ATU.

The recipients of the scholarship will be selected by a committee of 3-5 Behavioral Science faculty and other members appointed by the Coordinator of the Tech Academic Partnership in Public Child Welfare. A scholarship will be granted each fall that funds are available based on the following CRITERIA:

– Full-time student (12+ hours)​
– Major in Psychology, Sociology, or Rehabilitation Science​
– Junior or Senior level student with 75+ semester credit hours successfully completed​
– Cumulative GPA of 3.25+​
– Submission of a letter of application that expresses need for the scholarship and career goals​
– Successful completion of Psy/Soc 2053

The scholarship may be renewed for the succeeding semester with the original recipient if the recipient:

– Maintains a cumulative GPA of 3.25+ at ATU​
– Enrolls in and successfully completes a full-time academic class load of 12+ hours per semester

The recipient will also be assigned to the Behavioral Sciences Department 5-7 hours each week doing community outreach, coalition building and research specific to addictions, substance abuse and the River Valley Meth Project.

The ATU Foundation agrees to accept future additions to this fund and shall have the power to invest the assets of the fund as it determines most appropriate. The Board of Directors of the ATU Foundation will have the authority to review the use of the income for this fund to assure that the original purpose of the donor is being carried out.

Expenditures from the fund shall be only with written approval by the President of the ATU Foundation. This fund shall be audited as part of the annual audit of the ATU Foundation as long as the fund shall exist.

The donor(s) have the option of amending the criteria of the scholarship and/or the endowed status of this scholarship by providing written notification to the ATU Foundation.

In the event the Foundation shall determine at any time that it is no longer feasible to administer this fund in accordance with the provisions of this agreement, the ATU Foundation shall determine alternative programs, which in their opinion, most closely fit the donor’s original intent.