As a multi-purpose organization that covers a broad range of activities from economic development to human services, ARVAC, Inc., seeks to:

  • Administer the programs of the Department of Human Services, Office of Community Service, and other appropriate agencies in the counties of: Conway, Franklin, Johnson, Logan, Scott, Perry, Polk, Pope, and Yell.
  • Operate with three (3) significant groups in the community: the poor, the public sector, and the private sector to seek out, identify, and eliminate the causes of poverty within the community.
  • Make the communities more responsive to the needs and interests of the poor by mobilizing available resources and providing greater established sensitivity.
  • Plan and develop a system of priorities among projects activities, and areas as needed for the most effective and efficient use of resources.



1.      To remain a multi-purpose organization for the surrounding communities in poverty
2.      To develop self-sufficiency within our communities
3.      To provide economical resources for improvement in employment
4.      To provide educational resources for income enhancement
5.      To cater to the needs of education for our community citizens and children
6.      To prevent high school dropout
7.      To assist in the prevention of welfare independence
8.      To provide income education and maintenance
9.      To provide a facility and organization for drug and alcohol treatment and prevention
10.    To deliver home energy assistance to individuals in need
11.     To arrange for emergency assistance for the unfortunate
12.    To deliver surplus foods to the impoverished
13.    To enhance community participation